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Welcome + Introduce Yourself!

Welcome to Révolutionnaire ! You can introduce yourself to the community in the comments below! Add your name, pronouns, causes of interest and a fun fact! ✨ Here you can meet like-minded people looking to make a difference, learn about issues of in...

The Slap

What are everyone's thoughts on the oscars slap? Did Chris Rock deserve it for attacking a Black woman's hair or was Will Smith out of line? I've been going back and forth with my friends on this, I dont agree with violence but also think we cant say...

NathanW by Visionary I
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IG LIVE: All things Donation Drives

IG LIVE ALERT: All things Donation Drives癩Révolutionnaire Action Leader and HBCU Liason, @Lethan Hampton will be going live with Professional Athlete and Entrepreneur Jeff Coby (@JeffCoby) this Friday at 5pm ET on Révolutionnaire's Instagram. The c...


Fave Authors/ Book Recommendations

One of my favorite others, bell hooks, recently passed away. All about love is one of my all time fave books so I was really saddened to hear about her death. Who are your favorite authors/ what new books do you recommend?

KamilleJ by Révolutionnaire Team
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Virgil Was Here

Virgil Abloh was a trailblazing designer who merged luxury fashion with popular streetwear to create some of the most iconic pieces in fashion history. As the first Black Artistic Director of Louis Vuitton and founder of off-white, Virgil paved the w...

Nia by Co-Founder
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Music Playlist Loading...

Hello everyone! I hope that everyone is doing well and I'm excited to announce a music playlist is currently in the works! But to really get the conversation going, could everyone check out the "Q&A tab" in connect so any song gets the chance to be f...

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Lperez by Révolutionnaire Team
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So, You Want To Talk About "So, You Want to Talk About"?

I was wondering what everyone's thoughts are on the recent drama surrounding the "So, You Want to Talk About" instagram account. Basically, for those who don't know, a White woman started the account and has had a disclaimer in her bio for about a ye...

Stella by Visionary I
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New Music Out Now

So last week and weeks prior have been filled with new drops from artists like Normani, Cardi, Snoh Alegra, Doja Cat, Tinashe and so many more. Which project or singles have been your favorite and who do you think has the "Song of the Summer" on lock...

brandonb by Révolutionnaire Team
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Book Recs!

I love reading so if anyone has any book recommendations please list them in the replies! Also let me know what your favorite book genre is 

#NerdAlert MCU Theories

  POTENTIAL SPOILERS AHEAD: Okay, so with all the new stuff that Marvel is pumping out over the next few years there are a million theories that are going around. What theories do you have for the Marvel Cinematic Universe? What projects are y’all ex...

brandonb by Révolutionnaire Team
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billie eilish

hi everyone! so i'm kind of obsessed with everything billie rn so I want to know: 1. do you have tickets to the concert? 2. what did you think of the lost cause music video? 3. favourite billie song? 4. how excited are you for the album?